Leicester Tigers sign up revolutionary gel for new season

Leicester Tigers Rugby Football Club

Leicester Tigers are the most successful rugby union side in England who have won their league a record 10 times since 1987. Leicester are also the only English side to have qualified to play in every Heineken Cup in which English teams have participated, and are also the most successful English side in Europe

The Tigers are supported by a world class sports medicine department who constantly strive to maintain the players in peak physical condition and when injuries inevitably occur, aim to make them stronger, better and less injury prone than before.

FLEXISEQ are proud to supply the Leicester Tigers medical staff, to help look after the joints of the athletes under their care.

"FLEXISEQ is a great product and one that the Leicester Tigers medical team are very pleased to have at their disposal"

"Topically applied joint lubrication is a unique treatment concept and FLEXISEQ offers us a valuable asset in our approach to players' rehabilitation and reconditioning"

"We will be using FLEXISEQ on all our joint compromised players from now on" – Julie Hayton, Head of Leicester Tigers Medical Team

The following quotes have been given anonymously by members of the Leicester Tigers 1st XV 

"In a game like rugby, injuries are unavoidable, my joints have taken considerable punishment over the years. FLEXISEQ provided me with an additional benefit on top of my rehabilitation program here at Tigers. The product continues to provide a benefit now that I am fit."

"FLEXISEQ – a welcome additional modality to maintain joint condition in an uncompromising sport."

"It’s an indispensable addition to my kitbag."

"I use it before and after every training session and game."


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